Trendy Backpacks

Do you need a new fashionable backpack to accompany you everywhere this season? So prepare a coffee, relax and discover the most trendy backpacks we have selected for you.

Our team has turned internet up and down and tested dozens of backpacks and finally we have found the backpacks that will get you all the “likes” on Instagram (and in real life). Whether you are looking for a mini backpack to go out with friends or a casual backpack for day to day, in you will find it. And the best of all? Most of our selection of the top backpacks of this season cost less than $100

These are the 8 favorite backpacks⬆️. But, as we already have you used to, we have also created different categories and selected finalists for each one specifically. Below you will find the different listings.

Now let’s focus on why these 8 backpacks have been the lucky ones to enter the top of the list of the best fashion backpacks 2019.

Every year new models, colors and prints emerge. And as the backpack is the perfect complement, we can not avoid wanting to renew last year or add another backpack to our wardrobe;)

Do you want to know what backpacks are in style this year?

The 2019 comes prepared for all tastes with a wide variety of fashionable backpacks for women and men that adapt to any style. And is that the trend ranges from the use of classic models to the most daring, managing to fit perfectly with the personality of each one.

How probably you already know one of the strongest trends of 2019 are the transparent bags and backpacks. Whether completely translucent to be made in plastic or let intuit what you have inside due to strategically positioned drafts or semi-transparent materials, this festival fashion that has been turning in recent years has finally given a jump from the catwalks to the street and day to day. The Fenical mini backpack is perfect to embroider this trend without having everything you have completely exposed.

The Harry Potter backpack has enchanted us, and not only because we are fans of the saga, but because it is another perfect example of how to be fashionable with an original and fun backpack. Perfect to combine with your jeans and shirt this mini black backpack adds to the trend of super heroes and television and book characters that is sweeping the adult world. Do you remember when the character backpacks were only for children? What was once exclusive to Disney (and a very good part of its income) has now reached the adult world. Carrying an accessory of your favorite character has never been as vogue as it is now. And who says that only children have the right to have fun? πŸ˜‰

The Eastpak Padded Pak’R backpack continues to be a sales success year after year. This backpack is a classic, it is the typical complement that will never go out of style and that will end up being part of your wardrobe collection. Timeless, practical and above all very comfortable. Ideal as an urban backpack you will find it in many colors. Here we leave you an Amazon unbeatable offer.

Like the previous one, both the Kanken backpack and the Herschel Retreat are two other accessories classics that sell each year equal or more than the previous year. These models are so well thought out and are so cool that they end up becoming a “must have”. Creating a classic is not an easy task and when the brands achieve it, we the buyers know it, and it is impossible to resist buying one of these pieces that are already part of the history of the accessories and the brands themselves. Click on the marks if you want to go to the specific articles we have written for each one.

The famous diaper backpack keeps rising positions. The curious thing about this backpack is that although it is designed for parents, with specific pockets for bottles and a large main compartment to carry diapers, most of its users do not even have children. Its design has been a success and has been cast as a modern backpack for everyday people of all ages. Another example of how when something becomes fashionable is able to penetrate to the most unlikely limits.

Nautical fashion in the best Saint Trope style is back in action like every summer. The model that we bring to you from Saint Maniero, besides very cool, is a backpack bag so you can use it in both ways. Thanks to its large size it is perfect as a travel bag for weekend getaways for the mediterranean sailboat, or as a more realistic plan to carry as hand luggage on your Ryanair low cost flight hehe. I almost forgot, this model is available in several colors, our favorites being navy blue, sahara brown and olive green.

Finally the only one above $100, the backpack Michael Kors Rhea Zip. This backpack is an investment. From the famous American designer who not only makes us fall in love with his handbags and watches. The Rhea model, in black leather with golden studs, achieves that rebellious but sophisticated look at the same time. Something like a bad chic girl;) While it is true that it is not a cheap backpack, its price on Amazon is almost 100 euros cheaper than buying it in the store.

The fashionable backpacks that are hot in 2019

Casual backpacks, utilitarian trend is here to stay

So far are the days where backpacks were used only by students or backpackers on their trips or trekking trips. Backpacks today are a fundamental part of our day to day. And is that not only are they a great accessory to complement our look, but they are comfortable, practical and, above all, very chic.

The utilitarian fashion that is gaining ground year after year is at its highest point and has come to stay. And is that our way of life has changed, the needs are not the same as twenty years ago. We are always moving and increasingly we need to have at hand the endless amount of things that we will use in our long and busy day. Think about the amount of things you probably have in your backpack: the charger, the external battery, the computer, the gym clothes, the book you’re reading … and the list goes on and on. Can you imagine how you would do if it were not for the backpacks?

The models of Kaukko and Jhonny Urban are perfect as a casual backpack for men and women. These unisex models, which also come in several colors, meet all the checks to pass the test as a practical backpack for day to day.

Acmebon’s printed backpacks bring us ftrendy illustrations and colors like cactus and flamingos that continue to rage on Instagram along with pineapples and avocados. Click to see all the options presented.

Las mochilas casual mujer para uso diario como el bolso mochila de lona de Travistar, son el complemento perfecto para usar en la espalda o como tote bag al homrbo para transportar tus cosas con estilo.

The backpacks that rock on Instagram

The Instagram influencers have as much influence in the world of fashion as the designers themselves and the work they present every year on the catwalks around the world, in fact many of these base many of their ideas on the trends that are seen in urban fashion including celebrities, skateboarders and modern artists. The Instagramers are the reference to follow or the source of inspiration for millions of people of all ages and cultures.

Usually when a product becomes fashionable on Instagram it grows like foam and we start to see it everywhere. And that is why brands invest fortunes in sponsoring their products through the most famous influencers.

You do not have millions of followers without taking risks and being creative. And it is thanks to this that many of the most eccentric fashions such as transparent and wooden bags have arrived on the street thanks to them.

We bring you three tendencies marked by the today influencers.

The flower backpack: The backpacks with floral patterns and colorful combinations to the best uneven style are making you talk. Perfect for both seasons, summer and winter, they have gained territory thanks to the grandmother’s fashion revival. Those prints that your girl had on the sofa are now carried in your bag. The vintage style that is reinvented every year comes with the smell of spring.

The girly backpack: Be it with excess bling bling, with prints for children or with animated characters, these backpacks are fun and a blast of fresh air. Also called festival backpacks, since they made their first appearances here, they usually wear embroidered patches, bold colors and a mix of childhood elements. The model with rainbow and unicorn that we bring you is available in different colors.

Leather backpack: Bohemian bags in suede or leather so typical of winter this year also sweep in summer. Decorated with hanging elements such as fringes, tassels, key rings, they are perfect for a romantic and hippie chic look. Brown is the preferred color but we also see them in olive green, khaki, gray and powder colors like pink and blue.

Urban backpacks woman, chic in the city

To take to work, for a weekend getaway, to a beach picnic … For what you need, these backpacks will be your best ally. Modern women’s backpacks are the new every day bag. Since not only is this socially accepted, but fashionable, bring a backpack and sneakers to the office life is simpler, and you have to accept it, much happier.

With this I do not say that he is not a fan of vertigo heels or designer handbags, but a good urban backpack has no competition.

Nobody but me appreciates the importance of a casual backpack, for work sometimes we need a more elegant style. Although I often fall into the denim and sports office, I usually combine it with a shirt and jacket to achieve a more casual business look and not go over the top and be too casual. That’s why the models that we bring you to complement your smart casual outfit has a more sophisticated and sober twist. So you look chic and fashionable without giving up comfort and practicality.

My three favorite modern backpacks are the Joseko black model with the rhinestones detail on the front. The red Laboutine model from Tibes and the satchel style portfolio backpack in olive green from the Mambo brand.

Trendy backpacks for men

Chic and practical. This would be the perfect definition of what a man looks for in his fashionable backpack. Not only does it have to look good but it has to be wide and accommodate all your things, both the laptop, helmets, the book and the change of clothes for the gym. Clear! A cool designer backpack is an important part, but it is resistant, as it fits on the shoulders when it is full of weight and if it protects well the things that are carried inside is equal or more important than the design.

For this reason, two of the guys on our team tried 10 fashion backpacks for men for two weeks. And these three are the ones that they chose.

Two of which are synthetic leather and the third canvas. What the three have in common is that they are cool but sober design, ideal to take to the office; They include a pocket for the laptop, plus other compartments for small things; and they are made in a fabric minimally water repellent.

With regard to the choice of colors there was no surprise with black being the most chosen, followed by a dark gray. In the end it is still the simplest color to combine and it fits well with everything, it also never goes out of style;)

The colors and patterns that stand out in 2019

Monochromatic: White, black, pastels or neutral colors. You always want to have one in your closet to adapt it when you want to wear a more discreet style.

With Bling-Bling: These backpacks with glitter, frost, stones and metallic applications are the most chosen for night outings, either for a night of drinks, outings with friends or a special date;)

Trendy top: Made of suede or suede, with fringes or without them. You can use it to get a fresh and jovial style to go to the mall, the university or enjoy nature during a walk to the park. It’s what we call: instagramer backpack.

Sports or camping: If you have an active life, you are one of those who wear sportswear at all times and with an appointment to the gym or the mountain. This backpack is for you. The designers continue to launch every year backpacks with sports aesthetics that are used in reality, for any time.

Spring: Not only are used in that season, in fact they are more popular for the fall, when they complement perfectly with our most romantic and naive outfits. That stamped floral backpack that we love is still among the number 1.

Beachy: Made with materials that dry easily or shake all traces of sand, beach backpacks are perfect to wear with our favorite swimsuit. In addition, the prints of pineapples, watermelons, palms invoke us the positivism of summer and holidays!

Backpacks Tec, the favorite place of our gadgets

While most backpacks are already prepared with minimun features to carry our technological accessories, there are some that stand out.

The tec backpacks have become fashionable for a simple matter of necessity. We need our bags to be prepared to meet our modern demands. These days the specific laptop compartment is practically a must.

Technological backpacks are often equipped with other features such as; waterproof, to keep our favorite gadges safe; with specific outputs for cables, such as helmets, external batteries; and extra pockets to carry accessories such as the mouse, the Ipad, etc.

Classic backpacks, those that never go out of style

A classic never dies. Whether that little black dress, that scarf you’ve worn hundreds of times, or the multipurpose shoes; our wardrobe background always needs that garment/accessory that will not only never go out of style but will combine with everything and we will be able to repeat until we are tired. In the backpacks there is no exception. The classic backpack also this year has already strengthened the trend that began last year to displace the heavy bags. This year we will see backpacks everywhere, in offices, restaurants, nightclubs … the backpacks have come to stay.

Craft backpack, a small work of art just for you

They have been crafted by creative entrepreneurs with different materials and designs. Many designers are innovating with recyclable and / or eco friendly materials, reviving old-school or vintage backpacks and exponentiating handmade accessories. Unique pieces that you will hardly see hanging from the shoulder of other people than yours.

Bold and with character

2019 is not to go unnoticed, it’s time to shine with your own personality. And this not only translates into trends in the world of music, film and art, but also in the world of fashion.

This is not a time for shy people, so shake off the ridicule and choose a daring and fun model that takes all the looks.

Minimal clothing is the boom of the moment, so the best way to punch your look is through the accessories. Best of all, it is not necessary to run out to buy a new backpack, all you need to do is customize some of the ones you already have. Anything goes! Embroidered patches, sequins, appliques, pendants and even freehand drawings and paintings. This year your original backpack will be unique and very yours.

Some things you should consider when choosing your backpack

What do I want it for?

In addition to the design and aesthetics of our backpack we have to take into account the use we will give it. Probably will not cover the same needs a backpack to go to college or work that we will take for a night out. It is clear that the first should be larger, with several compartments, pocket for the laptop, etc; On the other hand, the last one will be small to avoid inconveniences when it comes to enjoying the night.

First ask yourself. What use will I give to the backpack?

Different types of fashionable backpacks that we have in our web

On our website we like to classify backpacks by type and we are constantly uploading new content with the analysis we make of new products. Here you can find specific analyzes of the following categories of backpacks:

Mochilas de cuerda

Mochilas de lona

Mochilas de piel o cuero

Bolsos mochila

Mochilas mini

Original brand backpacks vs cheaper options

Although it can be hard to accept, if we have a low budget, we will have to resort to different options to acquire our backpack. Think that fashion never discards pieces, she “leaves them on stand by”, so you do not necessarily have to choose the last one that has come to the market; the backpacks of past seasons usually have a lower price, which is a very good option to acquire them. Not everything is the model, but the way you use it!

Another way to save is to buy online, Amazon always offers discounts on the price you’ll find in the store.

And finally, go to the models inspired by the leading brands. As we commented before, there are many brands that are inspired by the brands that lead the market and take similar versions. Keep in mind that quality is not always as good as the original brand.

We hope we have helped you choose the most fashionable backpack that suits you.


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