Totto Backpacks

Totto backpacks, the brand of battle backpacks.

The Totto brand is another success story. From being in a small deposit in BogotΓ‘ to being a multinational company with a presence in more than 45 countries. Totto started making backpacks in Colombia when the children were still at school with books in hand. The founder was then traveling through Milan and was surprised by an Italian brand that sold travel bags of a very resistant canvas. At that time the handbags in Latin America were made with rigid materials. When he returned to Bogota decided to bet on the idea of using soft but resistant materials to create backpacks. His first designs revolutionized the Colombian market and it was not long before the brand expanded to America and Europe. Today Totto has more than 600 stores spread globally.

Because we know you like to be informed before making a purchase Online we bring you the most sold Totto Backpacks and the different categories.

The best-selling Totto backpacks of 2019

Totto backpacks with wheels

Are you worried that your little one will carry too much weight and end up with back pain? The backpacks with wheels arose from the need to transport the “too many” punds of books and notebooks for the school in a safe way for the child. But it is not because of this that the backpack with wheels are so famous, but because of the children, who are oblivious to the concern of their parents and found the backpacks very funny. We know already that everything that has wheels became a success with our kids.

And it is in this category that the Totto backpacks stand out. The system of wheels comes with double wheel and reinforcement in the base. You will see that the bottom of the backpack is made of PVC with greater strength which makes it ideal to withstand friction and results in a robust backpack of great strength.

These backpacks also have spiral zippers that are repairable and also have a fabric cover that protects them from deterioration and helps protect the water inside the backpack when it rains. A very resistant high density canvas fabric. A large number of pockets and compartments to organize all the child’s things and two side mesh pockets to carry the water bottle and / or accessories that you want to have at your fingertips.

Backpack trolley

The Safta EVOLUTION trolley, the most sold trolley for school backpacks, is a patented product of Spanish origin and manufacture that will serve you for almost any backpack you have. Here we list its main characteristics.

Anti-chafing tray that fits the size of your backpack: The trolley tray is protected on all 4 sides, which translates into greater protection for the backpack. It is also adjustable so that you can use it in almost all school backpacks on the market.

Larger and quieter wheels: The wheels of this trolley are covered in rubber, which makes them more comfortable and silent, besides being of 14 cm size makes it easier to climb curbs and stairs with it.

System to pick up straps and hooks: It has two very useful systems. one that allows to pick up straps, which prevents the child from dragging themΒ  across the floor thanks to a small tab. And the hooking system that prevents accidental falls of the backpack and possible damages.

Totto school backpack

The school backpacks models from Totto are probably the most sold of the brand. Some even come with the adaptive system for the trolley.

The Totto school backpack is made with resistant materials and several compartments to carry everything divided and ordered. In addition to being very light have a good system of padding both on the back and in the strips to protect the back of your child.

This backpack is one of the best sellers in the back to school. Children love them for their funny prints and parents also for their high resistance. While it is true that they tend to haunt between $40 and $50 on offer at Amazon, really if you compare the price-quality ratio can be said without a doubt that they are very cheap backpacks.

Totto School Pencil Case

The Totto school pencil cases follow the same line as the backpacks. Very resistant and durable materials. Spiral zips so you can repair them if necessary and their distinctive prints that you can combine with your backpack, either using the same pattern or making the trend in mix and match.

There are three models of Totto school cases, those with 2 zippers, those with 3 zippers and the juvenile model. Here we leave one of each model so you can choose the one you like the most;)

Totto backpack for the laptop

The executive Totto backpacks come equipped with everything you need for your day to day work in college or at work.

We will talk about our favorite model that we think it is the most complete in features, it has a sober and flexible design but at the same time modern and urban, and its price-quality ratio is second to none.

The model chosen is the Totto Hybrid Multifunctional Executive Backpack. This model has a specific padded pocket for the computer compatible with laptops up to 15 “and another padded interior pocket for the tablet, a small front pocket lined with a soft material to store glasses or delicate accessories, internal pockets for mobile and other objects, full opening main compartment to facilitate passing the scanner in the security of the airport, also includes a waterproof multifunctional toiletry bag, internal compression strap to keep your clothes and accessories in order, compression side straps and back and ergonomic padded straps.

We leave here the purchase link and below the video review of the product if you want to see more in detail.

Youth Totto Backpacks

Totto has a collection that is more oriented to young people and teens that stands out for its urban and modern prints, and a functional design designed more for this market that has other needs. As for example the pocket for the computer up to 15 “, they also have a removable key ring, exterior pocket for the water bottle, rubber reinforcement on the sides for greater protection and durability.

These backpacks are designed to carry a lot of weight, so its fabric is resistant and easy to wash and has back and ergonomic strips padded with breathable fabric for comfort.

Totto Children’s backpacks

We bring you two models of children’s Totto backpacks. Both designed specifically for young children. Not only for its size, but for special features such as its quilted strips in an S shape that generates a better distribution of weight so that it does not entail an effort on the back of our child.

The Totto Pencil model comes in several fun prints and features a main compartment and two front front pockets, as well as mesh side pockets for water. Perfect for the little ones and the not so small hehe

The animal model is a little smaller and has only one main pocket. The good thing about this system is that it is simpler for children who are still very small and also that it is super fun that resembles the body of a cat and a dragon, your little one will be delighted πŸ™‚

The Origins of the Totto Backpacks

Where did the idea of Totto naming come from?

Jonathan Bornstein is the founder of the renowned brand of Colombian backpacks. He says that the idea came from the Toto music group that at that time had the hit Africa. He was looking for a name that was easy to remember and that was short and it seemed to him that Toto beat the brand idea that he wanted to create perfect.

Characteristics of the Totto Backpacks

Although the characteristics of each backpack vary according to their model, the following characteristics are present in almost all models of Totto

Spiral zippers: This could be said to be like a trademark of the brand. Its zippers in addition to being of excellent quality and very resistant are made in spiral form, unlike the classic toothed system that once broken must be replaced, the spiral system allows to repair the zipper. So if it breaks it does not mean that the backpack is no longer useful but you can fix it and continue enjoying it.

Breathable and padded back: The back as the strips are padded for comfort and protection of the user’s back. In addition, in most models the back is made of breathable fabric which allows to maintain a lower temperature in the child’s body.

PVC base: Some of the Totto backpacks come with a hard base that protects the backpack from breakage by avoiding friction in the fabric. Children can support the backpack on the ground and load it on the cars without having to worry about damaging the backpack.

Side mesh pockets for water: We all know how important it is to be hydrated, because for our kids it is even more important, being in constant movement and in full growth children should drink water frequently, so this little detail that It may seem irrelevant it is really very important. In addition to the water, the elastic mesh pockets on the sides are used to carry other accessories. Finally the grid layer is double for greater resistance.

Materials of the Totto Backpacks

The material of these backpacks is one of the main reasons why this brand is the favorite of infinities of parents. And is that these backpacks are practically indestructible. Its canvas is made of a resistant material, specifically designed as battle backpacks. Knowing that children throw the backpack to the ground without much care the brand put a great emphasis on developing high quality materials and they achieved it. For this reason, the brand is not only the favorite of the parents but of many people who use the brand’s backpacks to go to work, to the university and even to go to the mountains!

Why buy Online Totto Backpacks

While the brand has 600 stores distributed around the world the best prices, as usual, are Online. In Amazon you can buy directly from the online store Totto making sure that they are original backpacks but taking advantage of the offers to pay a little less.

Enjoy the Totto backpacks, synonymous with high quality at a good price.


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