Desigual Backpacks and Bags

Desigual Bags and Backpacks, the brand that does not follow any trend, but creates its own.

Desigual is known to be exactly that, completely different from the rest of known brands. Today, after the company became a global sales monster, they are the ones who influence other brands with their unique designs and striking colors and patterns. We do not want to say that they are copies of Desigual, but as always happens in the world of fashion, brands are inspired by their competitors, especially in their best-selling products, trying to recreate the success of their neighbors in the house itself.

Desigual is one of those brands that you love or hate, but that surely leaves no one indifferent.

The best online deals of Desigual handbags and backpacks

The brand has many products, but because our team specializes in bags and backpacks, we have focused exclusively on them.

Buying Desigual online always results in the best prices. It is not specially a cheap brand, of course most of its products have an artisanal element, often handmade, such as embroidery, and this obviously increases the price. Luckily for everyone at Amazon there is always some good bargain to take advantage of, you just have to know where to look;)

We have prepared a complete listing with the coolest and cheapest bags and backpacks from Desigual for this 2019 ⬇

Desigual Backpacks Outlet

Are you looking for a Desigual backpack but do not want to spend the big bucks that cost in the physical store? Well, with the list we bring you today we are going to become your best friends.

Desigual women’s backpacks have their own character. Each one is unique in its own way, and also very different from one another, which will make the decision of choosing only one complicated. We saw them all and have selected for you a big variety of backpacks, from the “classic” black Desigual backpack with floral embroidery to a Desigual backpack made of denim with a giant heart of sequins that does not go unnoticed.

You will also find the “sober” design Namaimo with a uniform color and with an embossed pattern creating different patterns in its black and yellow versions. The Novara backpack color block in white and navy blue and set of letters with the S and the D. And one of the most fun, the Desigual backpack camouflaged in green and kakis with sewn butterfly, dragonfly, a rose and a tiger patches.

Desigual inspired backpacks

With discount and all the Desigual brand costs its own. If you are looking for a Desigual backpack but with lower prices we bring you a few options.

Whether it’s for you or why you’re thinking about making a gift and want a fun and original backpack but your budget is less than 30$ we have just what you’re looking for. Except for the backpack of the Anekke brand, which we included in the list because we love it, the other three models are around twentys. The Albaria backpack, in addition to being the cheapest of the list thanks to its great discount, is very similar in style to the Desigual brand.

Here we leave you these four fun backpacks inspired by the unique style of the brand that you like so much.

Desigual Bags Discount

Just like the backpacks, Desigual handbags are not what they say cheap cheap, but! We have found the best offers Desigual handbags on the market. What you hear, the lowest prices and not only the models of Desigual Outlet bags, but also more current models.

Personally I have several favorites in this list. The black Desigual bag Catania is a classic that goes well with everything and you can use it on the shoulder or crossed. The Rotterdam Pinday bag with colored pineapple patches is without a doubt my number one choice, and while it is not as versatile as black, it looks great with a pair of jeans and sports shoes. The Desigual brown bag with ethnic print is very spacious and has that vintage air so characteristic of the brand. The New Capri is the ideal shopper for summer, with its pastel colors and floral motifs.

Desigual inspired Bag

These bags inspired by the brand’s carefree roll are the perfect replacement if you are looking for this style of bag but you will not use it that much and do not want to invest so much in a bag that you will only use it from time to time.

We must also admit that although Desigual was the one who encouraged themselves with the “crazy” prints, not all bags with floral prints or embroidery have to be a copy of Desigual. Many other brands are recognized for their daring and adventurous designs.

Desigual Shoulder Bags

The Desigual shoulder bag is the perfect accessory for a festival. They are comfortable, stylish and fun.

You can carry everything you need, such as your sunglasses, sunscreen, wallet, tickets, lipstick, external charger, and the list can go on. And the good thing about the bandoliers is that by carrying them crossed on the body the weight does not feel as much as in a handbag. On the other hand you can place it looking towards you so you can dance your favorite song without having to worry about being surrounded by people and to find some pickpockets among the tumult. The two Desigual Folklore models will look great with your bohemian festival look.

Side festivals, Desigual women’s shoulder bags are perfect for every moment. Urban, practical and safe. Desigual Charlotte model is perfect for day to day and also for outings with friends. These small model can adapt to both situations, discreet for its black color but with great style thanks to their hearts, stars and words with silver studs and the fringed tassel that hangs on one of its sides.

Desigual inspired cross shoulder bag

In this list you will find another recognized brand but that we could not contain ourselves to add since the discount is almost too good to be true. Yes, we are talking about the two models of Pepe Jean, the small white round shoulder bag with dusty blue butterfly print that we love and the black shoulder bag with wild flower prints in red and white colors. Both at an unbeatable price.

We also bring you two women handbags from the brand Skpat with a design and print that shouts clearly Desigual and that are sweeping sales in Amazon.

Desigual Wallets

We could not create an item with Desigual accessory offers without adding their best selling wallets. The Desigual wallets have achieved the impossible, that are also being buyed by the most conservative consumer. This is a rarely seen phenomenon that Desigual has achieved. I do not know if you’ve noticed how many of your friends who only wear flat colors, no prints or striking looks, that also carry the every day classic black bag, and always buy safe items that are easy to combine and that probably have never been seen dressed in something that goes out of the ordinary, but they do own a Desigual purse. Yes, incredible, they open the bag to take out the wallet to pay for something and you’re left with your mouth open to see that this friend, who you love so much and who has always seemed classic, carries a wallet with butterflies and embroidered flowers.

The explanation is very simple. Many times we buy more “basic” things, or rather that they can be reused easily without getting tired of seeing that item, or that we have to put a lot of effort and time into thinking; How!? to combine that bag that we liked so much when we bought it but it does not go with anything. That does not mean we do not like the splashes of colors in the best Holi style, we love them! And the daring purse is the perfect choice. It always travels in our bag, so it is not something that people see at first glance, no matter what we look like we wear that day for exactly the same reason and it’s almost like a secret pleasure to have that daring wallet with us day by day but not on display.

The Desigual Holi Fiona portfolio in Black and the Splatter Reversible Desigual Wallet are my two undisputed favorites. And still with its colorful prints are still sophisticated portfolios, a playful elegance;)

Desigual inspired women wallets

Whether you are pro Desigual or you do not like it in the least and you are reading this post because you need to make a gift to someone who loves the brand, but your budget is lower this is your section.

The team have made a selection of three wallets with the same style, but with a very different price range.

Especially the Skpat model, the third in the list, stands out for its price-quality ratio. In addition, if you click on the link you will see that there are other prints and embroidered options to choose from, the brand even has a round option that almost wins a place among the finalists.

Desigual Brand, Since When and How

Desigual History and numbers

Desigual was born in 1984 in Spain from the hands of the Meyer brothers. Thomas Meyer turned some pants into a denim jacket, which would become the first Desigual garment. His revolutionary creativity broke with the canons of fashion of the moment; her hunters “home made” sold out.

The name came from the mouth of her friend Isabel Coixet: Desigual. Why Thomas’s ideas were not the same as those of the rest, he was different, peculiar, unequal, the translation of the spanish word desigual.

In 1986 the first Desigual store was opened in Barcelona, ​​where the Mediterranean free and creative universe was available to everyone.

Today, more than 30 years later, the brand continues to inspire the world of fashion from its headquarters in Barcelona. An office that, like the brand, has nothing ordinary. With its 20,000 square meters on the beachfront, right next to the emblematic Vela hotel, it houses more than 800 people who go every day to be part of its universe. The employees have a giant terrace with spectacular views, workstations bathed in natural light, a large canteen, chill out areas and even parking for their surfboards.

Desigual has more than 500 stores around the world, with more than 4,500 employees and a turnover of more than 700 million euros per year.

The Desigual creative process

The brand is based on the concept “made with love”.Β  All its products are made to express and excite. They pride themselves on exercising inclusive fashion, where they do not let themselves be carried away by the canons of beauty established by the industry, but by representing optimistic, free people with a love for life.

The process of the bags and backpacks, like all the other products, is a creative process. For a month and a half the designer team turned off the computers and returned to the beginnings of the brand, when everything was done by drawing and painting by hand. From there arise prints and embroidery. Together with the creative direction they mark the bases of the collections to then digitize everything and carry it out.

A company eco-responsible

Their love mantra influences everything. The company proclaims that love for our planet is as important as the love for ourselves and others. Under the motto love does not pollute, the brand follows a strict code of conduct for them and for all their suppliers that must comply with certain environmental requirements.

Desigual calculates its carbon footprint each year, in order to determine where they can improve to reduce the impact. Currently it is 125,093 tons. With the implementation of different projects it is proposed to continue reducing its size.

One of the most eco-friendly ways is to create sustainable spaces. Its main logistics center has the LEED gold certification and its most important flahships in Barcelona has the Platinum, the highest level of the most recognized certification in sustainable construction.

With small and big efforts the brand tries to leave a sustainable footprint in the world.

Desigual Online

Desigual has different stores and some outlet points positioned in different places, for which it is not difficult to access the brand. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, online prices are still, by far, better than those of physical stores, including Desigual outlets. Unfortunately I refer to people who prefer to go to a physical store to make their purchases, and fortunately for all those who prefer, like me, buy from the comfort of home without having to deal with crowds of people stacked inside a store .

Amazon Online prices for backpacks and bags are unbeatable. In addition, some products also have extra discounts, such as those you have seen in the different lists that we have prepared for you. And, if you have prime account almost all purchases have free shipping and return so you do not have to worry about keeping a backpack that has not convinced you. So you know, buy the best deals and! Do not forget to tell us what was your favourite one πŸ˜‰


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